Hello, my name is Theron. I live in the St. Louis area. I’m an experienced software developer (since 1988) interested in expanding/improving my existing skills as well as just sharing knowledge. I don’t believe in “hoarding knowledge for job security” as we all win when everyone can freely share with one another.

I hope some of the blog entries help someone.

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I intended to make this site “strictly business and professional”, however with the passing of my father in Jan, I thought hard and decided to include my own personal way of honoring him by having a page for him.

Goodbye (only temporary) to my best friend and father Gene Kousek. On Jan 20 2019, you left us but I will always have you in my heart and will always take comfort in knowing I will be reunited with you again!!! I miss him very much and not a day goes by without thinking of numerous times.

I am going to be adding more to this page as a tribute to him.

Here’s a WWII photo of my dad taken in 1945.  He’s the one I circled.  I’m so proud of him for the great person/father/friend he was.  I miss him tremendously.

Gene Kousek - 1927 - 1/20/201
Gene Kousek – 1927 – 1/20/2019

Also Goodbye (only temporary) today (09/11/2019) to my buddy Babe. She was an outstanding dog who was such a great gift to all she came in contact with.

Gosh I miss both my dad and her dearly. Not the same without them.